2015 Bond Projects Update

2015 Bond Projects Update

The year 2021 saw the completion – or the beginning of the fruition – of a number of capital projects, included in the seven-year, $96.7 million voter-approved bond program from 2015, including:

Streets & Roads in 2021: One of the big remaining projects of 2015 bond funds for streets and roads was the realignment of the section of Bell Boulevard/US 183 from Buttercup Creek Boulevard/Brushy Creek Road to Park Street.  The realignment, scheduled for completion in early 2022, is the critical path for the Bell District to begin construction.

New Hope Drive from Ronald Reagan Boulevard (FM 734) to Sam Bass Road now set to begin in spring/early summer 2022

County Road 272/Krienke Ranch Road creek crossing completed

Library: Design was completed in 2021, scheduled to break ground in fall 2022

Parks:  Construction began in August 2021 on the first phase of Lakeline Park, a more-than-200-acre park that will include trails and bicycle facilities.  Completion estimated in summer/fall 2022.